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Kim Dudley, Kindergarten

(831) 475-6812 ext.18


UC Santa Cruz: Bachelors, Developmental Psychology

Cal State Monterey Bay: Multiple Subject Credential


About Me:

In 2001, my husband and I moved our family to Soquel and had the great fortune to discover Mountain School. We enrolled our three children into this sweet little country school, and were amazed at the rich arts curriculum and warm community. Having never taught a class in my life, I began substitute teaching and immediately fell in love with the profession. The next year, I earned my credential and continued to substitute teach until I was hired at Mountain School in 2005 to teach second grade. A journey of joy, inspiration, love and learning, my teaching experience at Mountain School has shown me the importance of community. My students have inspired me and taught me lessons that have changed who I am and how I view the world. With my own children grown and in college, I took on the challenge of teaching fifth/sixth grade for four years. My intermediate students kept me inspired and amazed with their knowledge, willingness to take risks, and understanding of complex issues. And now, my learning journey continues as I set forth to teach yet another grade - kindergarten!


My husband and I live here in the Soquel hills and enjoy the quiet outdoors. Our lives are fulfilled watching our three young adult children journey through college and discover their inspirations. I love to run, spend time with my family, sleep in, and read.



I believe that as educators, our role is to inspire a love of learning and support each student to reach his or her greatest heights. By providing engaging, meaningful and rigorous curriculum, and maintaining high expectations and support, our students will experience success and LOVE TO LEARN!!


Fostering a strong learning community in which each student is valued and realizes the importance of his or her contribution, is also essential. My goal is to create a classroom in which WE are learning together! Finally, and perhaps most vital, is my responsibility to show students the power they hold to make a difference in our world, and that education is essential.



My goal is to continue learning and growing in my practice. Teaching second grade, the fifth/sixth class, and now kindergarten has taught me that there is always more to learn about being an inspiring, engaging and effective teacher. This is my journey and my calling.



"Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world."  --Nelson Mandela