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Mondays     &    Fridays


8:30-9:20           Grade 4/5 

9:25-10:15         Grade 5/6

10:30-11:20       Support/I.S

11:30-11:50       Kindergarten

12:05-12:25       Lunch Crunch

1:05-1:35           Grade 2

1:45-2:15           Grade 1

1:15-2:45           Grade 3

cardio hopscotch 2

Kimberly Fleming, Physical Education

Lunch Crunch

On Mondays and Fridays the students and I squeeze in a mini lunchtime workout. This fall, Lunch Crunch activities are geared towards 1st-3rd graders. Our wacky workouts have included games and equipment such as; scramble, four square, jump rope, scooter boards and noodles, frisbee bowling, squirt bottle Tic Tac Toe, caterpillar kickball and  "The Longest Hopscotch Ever". 

Check back soon... to view our video link and see the crazy cardio course our Mountain Elementary students created. 

In the spring, Lunch Crunch sessions will focus on 4th-6th grade team sports.

My Personal PE Philosophy

PE class should

Be fun!

Feel emotionally and physically safe!

Develop motor skills, cardio vascular strength, flexibility and confidence! 


"Learning Mistakes" are opportunities to visualize, verbalize and improve. 

While we are learning new skills, mistakes are bound to happen. Frisbees drop, students trip, we all feel a bit vulnerable in unfamiliar territory. However, I challenge students to visualize and verbalize why their mistake happened and identify what small steps can be taken to see immediate growth. Our trimester PE rubrics reflect this growth in skills.

"Effort Mistakes" are not acceptable! 

I expect that your child brings their 100% best effort to each lesson. Students who are unsafe, or disrespectful are removed from an activity and invited back after writing or discussing replacement behaviors. In addition our 4th-6th graders receive up to 5 daily PE points which are based on effort, participation and sportsmanship. These points are totaled and recorded on each trimester report card as a letter grade.  









Orange Coast College: A.A, & indoor Volleyball Team

Cal Sate Long Beach: B.S. Liberal Studies, Art Minor

Cal Sate Long Beach: Multiple Subject Credential 

Cal State Long Beach: Art Credential

Cabrillo College 2015: Completion of PE Credential and Beach Volleyball Team (Nor Cal Champions)

Professional Experience

9 years classroom teaching experience in K-2nd grade

8 years classroom teaching experience in art

20 years coaching experience 

Second year teaching PE at Mountain Elementary

Currently also coaching club volleyball

Favorite Quotes

"Luck is when opportunity meets preparation" Although, I still consider myself LUCKY to be able to teach PE and art to elementary students. By the way, I am also lucky at raffles and finding good parking spots.

All About Me

My husband Matt, daughter Hannah and I relocated here to Santa Cruz, from the other "Surf City" aka Huntington Beach and three years later are still amazed that we can live in the mountains and scoot down to the beach for a few games of volleyball at a moments notice. In case you hadn't guessed, volleyball ranks pretty high on the Flemings' list of preferred activities. My husband and I actually met while playing in a volleyball tournament and then played in a golf tournament for our first date. Much to our great delight our 11 year old daughter Hannah is following in our footsteps, with a huge passion for volleyball and a periodic desire to whack a golfball or two. We have a dog named Lola who is also showing great aptitude for cross country running aka escaping to roam the neighborhood when she is not busy squirrel gazing. 

Sports Sports and More Sports 

Currently ranked AA beach volleyball player, you may spot my signature pig tails while visiting local tournaments. If you do please bring you cheering squad. Much less competitively, I also enjoys gymnastics, hiking, roller skating, softball, rugby, yoga, golf, tennis, ultimate frisbee and on occasion, surfing tandem with my daughter Hannah.