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Philip Halbig, Sixth Grade

(831) 475-6812 ext. 21

P Halbig

I have lived in the Santa Cruz area for over 15 years, beginning with a Bachelors degree in World Literature from UCSC.   Upon graduation in 2004, I faced a difficult choice between career paths:  video store clerk or teacher. Hopefully I made the right decision.

After 10 years of teaching upper elementary and middle school in Watsonville, I am truly excited to join the Mountain School community this year.  This is the community in which I live and have started a family. My wife, Emily, worked as a Technology Coach at Mountain School last year, and we hope our son, Leo, will begin Kindergarten at Mountain School next year.  

My teaching philosophy boils down to sharing my love for learning.  Although my background is rooted in the Humanities, I am also very interested in Science, Math, Technology, and the Arts.  Each day will be a new adventure navigating every content area with the students! 

I set high expectations for success in the classroom, and I back it up with goal-setting, individualized support, organization, and a dynamic learning environment.  I want to empower students to take responsibility for their learning, and my goal is for students to think critically and use real-world problem solving skills. 

In my spare time, of which I will likely have none this year, I enjoy hiking, backpacking, cooking, riding my bike, playing basketball, reading with my son, watching baseball, and, by this time next year:  Tenkara fly-fishing!