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Rudy Morrisette, Instructional Aide

...He is at his best when traveling a new road, partner at his side and, with luck, it’s the road less traveled.

...His most memorable educational experiences come from the University of Hard Knocks & Many Mistakes, campuses worldwide.
...His favorite instructors have included: a couple of Nuns, a High School English and Human Relations teacher, parents, siblings, strangers, his heart, varied wildlife, and a book entitled "Life Lessons". Please do not ask to borrow it. It has yet to be bound and its pages are numerous and too heavy to carry.
...He spent 27 years in the Financial Services industry as a Human Resources Manager and accepted an early retirement package in 2004.
...He came to Mountain School in 2007 at the suggestion of Mr.Ken Miller, an educator who was as quick to pick up a broom as he was a piece of chalk.
...He immediately fell in love with his delayed vocation of Classroom Learning Assistant, Yard Duty Supervisor and has returned year after year. His love of Mountain School comes from ts innate ability to inspire children to be their best while offering them the tools necessary to meet life’s present and future challenges.
...His philosophy is, "Change your views and opinions often and spend quality time thinking about them when you do."
...His goal is to continue to support, for many years to come, one the the most dedicated and devoted teaching groups in existence.