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Sharon Espinosa, Front Office

I became a part of the Mountain School community in the fall of 1997. Before that I worked as a volunteer in my daughters’ schools. As a classroom volunteer I discovered that I loved working with children and assisting them with learning. After my girls began attending middle school, I went back to school full time and got my B.A. in Liberal Studies. Shortly after that I took an aide position at Mountain School.

I believe that Mountain School’s focus on each individual student is one of the reasons I can say that I have the BEST JOB IN THE WORLD! Every time I visit a classroom and observe the dedication and concern our teachers have for their students I am inspired. It is my joy to support their efforts in any way that I can. Watching students grow from timid kindergarten students to poised sixth graders, ready to take on the challenges of middle school, gives me a feeling of pride and accomplishment.   

Working in the office has given me the chance to grow as well. I came into the office position with very little training but discovered I had the ability to learn quickly and problem solve when needed. This is a place of learning and opportunity for everyone. From copy machines to computers to plumbing, I look at problems as a chance to broaden my knowledge base and skill levels.

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Outside of Mountain School I enjoy time with my grandchildren, working on home projects, and relaxing with good friends.