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After School Enrichment Classes

We offer 4 after school classes October through May.  Semester classes are available for students in Grades 2-6 and donations are requested based on course descriptions and materials required.  Sign-ups are ‘first come first served and wait lists are maintained as needed.  After-School class meeting time is 12:45 - 1:45 on restructured Wednesdays.


Code Naturally 

Learn to program a computer using Java  Grades 3-6

Script! This program is perfect for students in 3rd-6th  grade. It allows them to learn at their own pace which often means going well beyond anything that we couldn't have predicted. Forth and fifth grade students in this type of program tend to have a better grasp of key computer science concepts than students in college finishing their first coding or computer science class. 

Art with MAry Beth

Create cool art with our very own, talented  art teacher.  Grades 2-6

Learn and apply various techniques including: Watercolor, Acrylic, Collage, 3D Sculpture, Textile, Craft and more..

Violin with Dana Scoby

Grades (1-6)  Mastro School of Music's Elementary school Program is designed to introduce the violin to young students who may otherwise not have the opportunity to learn this challenging instrument.  Ms. Scoby starts students from 'scratch', teaching them the fundamentals of the violin. As our students grow musically, they will learn to play as a group; participate in concerts and have opportunities to do solos. A year round program is the best way to build and keep this continuity flowing. 

Language Ambassador program

Grades 1-6

Opportunity for students interested in learning world languages with parents volunteers. In the past we have explored many languages such as American Sign Language, French, Hindi, Tagalog, Zarma and Spanish. Kids learn about the culture, folk tales, food and games. We end the program with performances at the Language Expo conducted by the County Office of Education (COE). The Expo is a student to student learning experience where students develop presentations or interactive sessions using their language skills to engage other students. Its our 3rd successful year conducting this COE initiative and promoting multilingualism.